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This same combination is found in a plethora of the worlds fastest 1000hp+ K series engines. We were the first to have a turbocharged K-series drag car back in 2006 and ever since then research and development has been ongoing. We were also the first to incorporate a 92mm de-stroke crank by Brian Crower. Now many of the leading performance shops follow in our footsteps. This engine package is not for everyone, lead time is entirely dependent on GRP aluminum rod inventory. Please call/text/email to inquire on current lead times.


Championship winning reliability, world record power holding Prayoonto Racing short block. includes :

  • JE max effort asymetrical piston, HD pin, skirt/dome coating
  • Custom GRP turbo long rod (b18b1 wide journal)
  • Brian Crower billet 92mm stroke crank 
  • CNC fire ring built into the sleeve + step deck (best head gasket seal possible for 80 psi+)
  • Diamond hone, blueprint / assemble
  • King coated bearings 

XFWD/AWD 2.2 liter K24 short block

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