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K-series engine applications: K20A/A2/A3/Z1/Z3 and K24A/A1/A2/A4/A8


Supretech newly developed rods are manufactured from a high tensile strength 4340 alloy, offering excellent wear and fatigue resistance in optimal conditions.  Supertech rods feature an H-beam design and come with ARP 2000 bolts capable of achieving a clamp load of 220,000 psi. All  rods are design in house, using the latest cad and FEA software to ensure the highest quality rods on the market.



  • Forged Connecting Rod
  • 4340 alloy
  • H beam
  • ARP 2000 bolts
  • Bronze Wrist Pin Bushings
  • Fatter, H-Beam Design Without Drastic Weight Increase
  • Dual-Pin Oil Passages For Increased Lubrication And Strength


K20Ax Rod Specs:

  • C-C Length 139mm (5.473")
  • BE bore: 51.003mm (2.008")
  • BE width: 19.8mm (0.780")
  • PE bore: 22mm full float
  • PE width: 19.8mm (0.780")


K24AxRod Specs:

  • C-C Length 152mm (5.985")
  • BE bore: 51.003mm (2.008")
  • BE width: 19.8mm (0.780")
  • PE bore: 22mm full float
  • PE width: 19.8mm (0.780")


Sold as a full set (4 rods) - indivudual rods can be purchased through us, please call/text.

Supertech Forged 4340 H-Beam ARP2000 Rods

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