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If you want to reliably transmit power through your Wagovan driveshaft, you need to upgrade to 1310 U-joints.


We know it can be very frustrating and time-consuming sourcing all the needed individual components, so we’ve put together a kit to make things easy!


Includes everything you need to upgrade your Wagovan driveshaft to 1310 U-joints (minus tubing) to withstand the demands of high horsepower applications and provide reliability that cannot be achieved with your weak and worn out tiny original Wagovan u-joints. This kit has been tested and proven on our own 1400+whp race car running mid 7’s at 193+mph.


Simply bring this kit to your local driveshaft shop along with your Wagovan driveshaft and they can build and balance your driveshaft for you. You will need to have your viscous coupler and rear differential already mounted in your car so that you can give them the length measurements needed (transfer case to viscous coupler for the front driveshaft length and viscous coupler to rear differential for the rear driveshaft length).


We have two (2) versions of our Wagovan Driveshaft Upgrade Kits available.


SF-05-530-KIT: Includes everything you need EXCEPT FOR our SFR