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Fits -  EG/EK/DC2 chassis


The cars pictured are running this same kit and have been for the past year with noticeable success. The Clutch Masters car utilizing this kit is currently #3 on the top 10 worlds fastest all motor outlaw hondas. 8.53 @ 156MPH 1/4 mile. Race proven product.


*With this kit you can use OEM or aftermarket brake lines, shocks, and LCA's.


Product  Features:

40+ LBS lighter than stock

Extends the wheelbase up to 2” (adjustable)

Toe adjustment and camber adjustment built-in

Ink Black powder coat finish

Brembo lightweight Brake Calipers and Brake Pads

Lightweight slotted steel staging rotor design, 1/2 the weight of stock rotors


Kit Includes:

Rear Trailing Arms with lightweight spindle

Ultra-Lightweight Slotted Staging Rotors

Brembo lightweight calipers and brake pads

Camber Adjustment

Toe Adjustment

All necessary brackets, bolts, and washers are included

Lightweight rear trailing arm kit

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