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KDN Performance H-Pattern Shifter & Upgraded Shifter Cables for Honda B-Series AWD


KDN Thread pitch is M12X1.75 we have a optional Handle with M10X1.50


This shifter has 1st-2nd-1st “Money Shift” lockout protection Option as well as 2nd-3rd-2nd ” Money Shift” lockout protection. This custom, fully adjustable H-Pattern Shifter is designed specifically for these chassis with a B-Series AWD CRV / Pro Billet Engineering Transmission

  • 02-06 RSX DC5
  • 01-05 Civic EM2
  • 01-05 Civic ES1
  • EF, EG, EK, DC2.
  • B-Series AWD Applications


Each kit includes a mounting plate that bolts into the factory location, making it a true bolt-in shifter kit. The cables are upgraded to larger diameter cables for a better feel, and more accurate shifting.

Our shifter assembly also allows the user to completely disengage the “Money Shift” lockouts and collar, for use when street-driving. With a flick of a switch, engage the lockouts for track use, and never have the headaches or costs involved in fixing your car after a “Money Shift.”


Every base kit includes:

  • Complete H-Pattern Shifter Assembly
  • Application specific bolt-in mounting plate
  • Larger, stronger, upgraded shifter cables
  • Stronger transmission cable mounting plate
  • Includes adjustable lock out collar for the 1-2 gate position, and 5-R gate position. This allows the user to protect against a 2nd – 3rd – 2nd “Money Shift.”

KDN Performance B Series AWD Shifter

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