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We are offering our race proven engine sleeving service as a isolated option for any interested customers. Aftermarket engine sleeves are always suggested past the 700whp mark. Some have made 6-800whp on stock k20 & k24 engine sleeves but it does not last for very long. Aftermarket engine sleeves help reduce any distortion that takes place under high load & RPM when making serious HP. This allows an engine to last longer, and perform more optimally under racing conditions. You can street drive / daily this setup with ease. The same exact spec treatment our 1300whp+ blocks get, that see 50+ PSI.


This package also comes with a CNC fire ring / Step-Deck. Similar to what a copper or steel o-ring would accomplish, but much better clamping force and power capability. CNC fire rings are the top of the line option when it comes to sealing the block, head gasket, and head together as one. 


Service includes : 


Block cleaning

LA sleeves & install

Block surfacing

Torque plate & diamond bore hone to piston size (if piston is provided by customer)

CNC Fire ring / Step-deck machined into the actual deck surface

K series engine block sleeving service

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