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If you have ever found yourself wondering what head studs the pros run on their big boost cars making 1200+ the answer is here.


We faithfully run inlinePro head studs in all of our pro sponsor cars and customer builds alike. At first we ran the 11mm beam size rated for 1000whp but as our race program developed the call was made to tap the blocks to 12mm and err on the side of caution as our motors made more and more power. *In order to run the 12mm head studs you will need to tap the block and it is highly recommended to have a qualified machine shop perform this for you.


1000hp rated "M11" includes : k20/k24 -M11 studs -M11 washers -M11 nuts =


80PSI 1800-2000hp rated "M12" (*requires block to be tapped to 12mm in order to install) includes : k20/k24 -M12 studs -M12 washers -M12 nuts

Inline Pro Headstuds

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