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All motor ratios 2.91 / 2.00 / 1.50 / 1.15
Frinal drive (included) options 4.58 or 4.76 
Brace included

Turbo HD ratios 2.91 / 2.00 / 1.40 / 1.05
Final drive 4.00 (included)

*Even though the final drive is "long" for turbo, the ratios on gears 1-4 are shorter so the final drive has to be longer to even things out. Trap speed between competitor brands is very comprable. Enter into ratio calculator to see for yourself.

Brace Included
*Note - Turbo HD comes with the GRAF Billet Shift Forks 1-2 & 3-4


This kit is tested and rated for 1000WHP safe.

K-SERIES Graf 1-4 drag gear sets (all motor/ turbo) *FD INCLUDED

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