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This is a state of the art GP1 Racing Strain Knob that we’ve used for years on many of our own drag cars. Simply install this shift knob then wire in the power/ground/signal wires to the ECU, and set up the input in your EMS system to trigger an ignition cut for easy, seamless full-throttle clutchless upshifting!


This system works great for either rod or cable-actuated shifters such as your common Honda/Acura B-Series or K-Series cars. We use the 2.5V Reference Amplifier Module option as most standalone EMS will easily accept a 0-5V trigger range.


2.5v Resting Voltage for Motec, AEM, Haltech, Fuel Tech

  • ±0.5% Accuracy
  • 5V or 8-16V Supply


Also compatible with KPRO Ecu's but you must purchase the Ktuned interface that converts the Hondata output to standard signal language for strain. We have them in stock $150 shipped.


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