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These are our Prayoonto "Gangsta Lean" mounts, slightly different from hasport's variant the "Lean2's" This product is still manufactured in house by hasport but is our exclusive design, developed many years ago.


Mounts are currently made to order, with a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after the purchase is made. Tracking provided immediately after shipment departs.


Available for EG, DC2, and EK(eg subframe). Also available for All Motor and Turbo builds.

Engine Mounts are to be used with Signature Series Hood Exit Header or Turbo Manifold. With these mounts it will allow the use of "ITBS" without cutting a hole in the hood , easy transmission service, more weight over the wheels. Used by the fastest drag cars in the world.


"Gangsta" Lean Engine Mounts

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