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DSS custom application driveshafts are available for all AWD conversions, whether you run a wagon rear end or CRV differential. We can have things made to your exact specifications.


In terms of power capability, these typically do not experience failures, regardless of the power you wish to throw at it. Our AWD cars are equipped with both carbon fiber and aluminum and they have had numerous 1.1 and 1.2 60ft launches, trapping 7.5 in the quarter mile @ 185+ MPH. Our units have never come out for maintenance or replacement. Extremely strong


Aluminum driveshaft weight ~35LBS

Carbon driveshaft weight ~25LBS


Alumimum is a more robust material, you can be a little more careless with it and how you drive the car.


Carbon fiber is a little more delicate in the sense that if any chips, chunks, or guages occur in the carbon fiber weave from impact or foreign objects, it is likely the driveshaft will fail prematurely. Carbon fiber will be lighter and will have a dampening affect on the drivetrain as the driveshaft twists and loads up with tension where aluminum stays a bit more stout. 


After the purchase is made we will mail to you a component that needs bolted to your viscous coupler


With this in place you are able to gather measurements from transfer case flange to viscous face. Then from rear viscous face to rear differential flange. All driveshafts are custom made, and can vary in lead time depending on part availability. Average wait time is 3-6 months.


**Customer cerakote options like the robins egg blue you see in the pictures is available but for an added cost, contact us for pricing. Any color in the Cerakote catalog is a possibility. Make your build stand out! Otherwise it will come as pictured in the last photo.

DSS Awd driveshafts

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