This isn't just another small radiator for swaps, there is a lot of CSF's proprietary technology packed within such a dense and effective package. Advertised to be efficient enough to cool large V8 engines during street / heavy traffic driving. Features include: * 3.5 inch 2-row core with CSF B-tube technology * Threaded bungs accepting 1.25 inch and -16 inlet/outlet connections * Universal mounting brackets included * Includes 9-inch SPAL fan * One hour hand-polished mirror finish * Specially engineered "B" shaped tubing is carefully formed and brazed over the seams to seal. The strength of this design allows CSF to utilizes thinner and lighter aluminum material for better cooling efficiency. The heat transfer surface area is increased approximately 15 percent over regular tubes. With B-tubes you are able to get "dual liquid laminar flow".

CSF #7065 - King Cooler, universal drag racing & street radiator