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The P Racing 5 axis cylinder heads are used in the some of the fastest cars in the world. Over 10 years of R&D our cylinder heads have come a long way in the sport compact world. 

The Grassroots all motor cylinder head is designed to offer maximum flow for weekend drag racers or weekend warriors at minimum cost. with a 36mm valve it flows over 370 cfm at .600 lift and can make over 400whp with approriate supporting engine parts. Using a 36mm intake valve this allows the end user to have an easier time setting up their valve clearances for safe no worry operation with great power.  

1450 includes - CNC port, CNC spec chamber, Race valve job, cleaning and assembly

If supertech valvetrain is selected this includes CNC valve locks, Viton valve seals and appropriate spring seat.

K series Grassroots all motor package

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