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The P Racing 5 axis cylinder heads are used in the some of the fastest cars in the world. Over 10 years of R&D our cylinder heads have come a long way in the sport compact world. 

The Winners Cirlce head package is a big valve, maxium flow cylinder head that has taken our cars to the winners circle and championships year after year. With a 37mm valve it flows well over 400 cfm at .600 lift. (38mm coming soon) It carries the power further in the rev range than anything else on the market yielding huge mph trap speeds. We offer this head with stainless steel valves, titaniun intake and stainless exhaust or full titanium intake and exhaust. The super lightweight titanium valves allow us to reduce rotating mass in the cylinder head to free up 15+ whp.  When selecting a titanium upgrade this includes the nickel bronze aluminum seat upgrade required to use with titanium. 

2500  includes - CNC port, CNC intake and exhaust flange, CNC spec chamber, bronze guides, oversized steel intake seat, Race valve job, cleaning and assembly with supertech stainless valves, springs,retainers, cnc locks, seals ect. ready to bolt on the engine 

Titanium upgrade includes, 16 titanium valves, nickel bronze seats, appropriate spring/retainer set with lash caps. 

This is the port program in the record setting championship winning,
Driveshaft Shop civic all motor street - 8.51 @ 165
BC all motor street  - 8.56 @ 160

K series Winners Circle all motor package

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