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The ultimate in high performance, made from aerospace grade 8620 steel billet material and CNC ground on state-of-the-art cam grinders, these Signature Series Camshafts deliver the utmost in rigidity at extended RPM range while reducing possible valve float. 

Through extensive dyno testing here in house & comparing customer testimonials we have seen 20+WHP gains on normally aspirated K24 engines and 80+WHP gains on turbo applications have been seen on stock motors. If you have a built motor with higher compression ratio / larger bore size / or increased stoke, you can expect to make even more.


The Prayoonto Stage 3 camshaft pairs quite nicely with stock or modified K20 & K24 engines. It has an emphasis on mid range-top end power delivery. I like to call this camshaft a great transitionary camshaft, meaning, if you are currently NA but seek to turbocharge your setup later down the road ; this camshaft would be a perfect match for you. While this profile doesn't have the same low end grunt that the stage 2 offers, this camshaft profile will allow for 1000whp+ to be made on turbocharged applications with relative ease (with proper supporting modifications) while still providing meaningful gains and improved driver experience even will naturally aspirated. 

Prayoonto racing stage 3 - 3 lobe VTEC camshafts

  • ADV Duration - 315/310
    Duration @.050 - 245/240
    Lift - 13.4/13.1

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