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The ultimate in high performance, made from aerospace grade 8620 steel billet material and CNC ground on state-of-the-art cam grinders, our Signature Series Camshafts deliver the utmost in rigidity at extended RPM range while reducing possible valve float. 

Through rigorous testing we have seen 10-15WHP gains on NA setups and  50+WHP gains on forced induction applications, completely stock engines. With increased compression ratio / stroke / bore size you can expect to make even more.


The stage 2 camshaft is most frequently chosen and paired with K20 bottom ends. The stage 3 & 4 camshafts we typically recommend for K24 bottom ends (stock & fully built). This camshaft profile has an emphasis on mid-range response while providing excellent top end flow. We suggest our K20 auto-x / dirt track / time attack drivers to utilize this camshaft & wake up their powerplant.


My own personal K20A2 longblock made 703WHP @ 25PSI utilizing the prayoonto stage 2's. Dynograph shows no leveling off even after 9500RPM. The engine still capable of producing more HP but my fuel system was maxed out.

Prayoonto racing stage 2 - 3 lobe VTEC camshafts

  • ADV Duration - 305/300
    Duration @.050 - 235/230
    Lift .530"/.470" - 13.46/11.94

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