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The P Racing 5 axis cylinder heads are used in the some of the fastest cars in the world. Over 10 years of R&D our cylinder heads have come a long way in the sport compact world. 

The Prayoonto Racing GSR/B16 head package can do it all. From 1200 + whp 60 psi SFWD trim to 300 + whp all motor. with a STD size valve both gsr and b16 heads will flow over 300 CFM and over 310 cfm with +1mm intake. 

1450 includes - CNC port, CNC intake and exhaust flange, Race valve job, cleaning and assembly

If supertech valvetrain is selected this includes CNC valve locks, Viton valve seals and appropriate spring seat

Customer must supply GSR, B16 or Type R head  core for this head or inquire with us about providing one. 

B Series GSR/B16 CNC head package

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