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  • 92-95 Civic EG K-Swapped
  • 96-00 Civic EK K-Swapped
  • 94-01 Integra DC2 K-Swapped
  • 88-91 Civic EF K-Swapped with slight notching of subframe



*Hasport EKK1 and EKK2 mounts will work with this header


K-Tuned 4-2-1 K Swap Header

This header is capable of making very good power on relatively stock or mild engine setups.  The main focus while designing our K-Tuned Swap Header was to blend excellent fitment, high quality construction and keep the price reasonable.  We have upsized the primary piping slightly and improved the quality of all transitions to improve exhaust flow.  The primary to secondary transition now uses an e